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Apartments remodeling - Varna, Terziev Engineering, construction company

основен ремонт апартамент реконструкция апартамент пълен ремонт апартамент

Remodeling of apartments - stages

The first stage of the remodeling of apartments includes:

  • Installing new PVC windows and doors. The type of the window we choose should be regarding the window's orientation: north and west - PVC windows with 5 cameras; south and east - PVC windows with 4 cameras. The price difference between PVC windows with 4 and 5 cameras is minimal.

  • Installation of outer insulation

  • Installation of inner insulation with rock-wool and plasterboards

    The apartment renovation requires bigger initial funds for outer and innter insulation installation with rock-wool and plasterboards, new PVC windows and doors. Theese funds however will lessen the future expenses for electricity, cooling and heating.

цялостен ремонт апартамент панелно жилище ремонт ремонт панелен апартамент

The second stage of the remodeling of apartments includes:

  • Electrical installation replacement for energy eficiency.

  • Cold and hot water system replacement.

The third stage of the remodeling of apartments includes:

  • Interior design - installation of columns and niches, interior wall isolation, plastering and wall treatment, wallpapering, plaster decorative elements, suspended ceilings.

  • Custom made furniture - according to the clients color preferences and premises dimensions.

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