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Interior design solutions, Varna, Terziev engineering


  • Have planned to renovate your office, store, shop
  • Are moving in a house, that needs remodeling
  • Are running a coffee shop or a restaurant and need to redesign it
  • Have ideas about improving the interior design of your new apartment, but cannot express them to the contractors and work crews
  • Know what to repair and change in your home, but need help to realize your ideas
  • Have never done renovations on your own and need a professional help
  • Or you know the reconstruction is a hard work and do not want to wander between stores, shops, markets to gather all the supplies needed

  • We:

  • Can help you with all of the above matters
  • Work with high quality materials of well known brands
  • Offer correctness and short terms
  • Offer standard and not conventional interior solutions
  • Renovate the interior area of apartments and houses
  • Do installation of columns and niches, build ytong walls, strengthen carrier walls
  • Do interior wall isolation, plastering and wall treatment
  • Install plasterboards
  • Lay gypsum ground coat
  • Do stuccowork
  • Do wallpapering
  • Install wall moisture isolations
  • Paint
  • Mount plaster decorative elements
  • Install home and office aesthetic-looking suspended ceilings


  • mounting ledges and plaster elements
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