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Construction company, Varna - house renovations and refurbishing, Terziev ingineering

Complete apartemnt renovation
During apartment renovation new interior doors have been mounted for the main apartement entrance and the rooms and new pvc doors for bathroom and toilet.
смяна врата апартаментизграждане итонг варнапвц врати варна
The old ceramic tiles from the floors, bathroom and toilet have been removed as well as the old wallpapering from the walls. The hot and cold water and the electrical systems have been replaced. Ytong walls were build where needed.
лепене фаянс варнаподмяна вик варнасмяна ел инсталация варна
Plasterboard have been mounted on the walls.
лепене фаянсови плочкисмяна дограма варнаподмяна ел инсталация
New ceramic tiles have been mounted in the bathrooms and the toilet as well as shower cabin and panel.
лепене теракот варнамонтаж душ кабина варнамонтаж душ панел варна
The functionality of the kitchen has been improved by the reconstruction done to use the balcony as a part of the kitchen. Custom made furniture has been ordered for the kitchen. Wooden floor has been chosen for the living room. Our cabinet-makers have made furniture for the living room.
реконструкция апартамент варнакухня поръчка варнамебели по поръчка варна
New ceramic tiles have been mounted on kitchen floor and the corridor.
преустройство апартамент варнареконструкция тераса варнапреустройство тераса варна
Laminated parquet has been chosen for the bedroom and childrens' room floors. Furniture has been ordered to our cabinet-makers, according to the rooms dimentions and customer's desires.
мебели детска стая варнамебели спалня поръчка варнагардероб поръчка варна
Apartments remodeling Plumbing services Electrical services Tiling and flooring Interior design PVC windows and doors Custom made furniture Metal decorations
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